Yes, South Farm offers tours for visitors to explore the farm and learn more about sustainable agriculture. The tours are designed to be educational and enjoyable, providing visitors with an opportunity to see the farm's operations, learn about the various crops grown, and engage in discussions with the farmers.

The tours are available for groups of all sizes, and visitors can choose from a variety of options, including walking tours, tractor tours, and educational tours. The walking tours are conducted on foot, and visitors are guided through the farm by a knowledgeable tour guide who provides insights into the farm's operations and the crops grown. The tractor tours, on the other hand, provide visitors with a unique experience of exploring the farm on a tractor-driven wagon.

The educational tours are more in-depth, and are designed for visitors who are interested in learning about the science of sustainable agriculture. During these tours, visitors can interact with the farmers, ask questions, and learn about the various techniques used to grow and maintain the crops at South Farm.

South Farm also offers tours that are specifically designed for children. These tours are interactive and fun, and are designed to educate children about the importance of sustainable agriculture and healthy food choices.

To book a tour, visitors can contact South Farm directly via email or phone. The farm offers flexible scheduling, and visitors can choose a tour that suits their needs and interests. The tours are available year-round, and visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

In addition to tours, South Farm also offers a variety of other activities for visitors, including workshops, classes, and events. These activities are designed to provide visitors with hands-on experiences and opportunities to learn about sustainable agriculture, food, and community.